Theo Janssen
web master, kitesurfer, RV'r, retired technical teacher, red seal Canadian chef, genealogy research.
my newspaper articles 1982 - 2013 about cooking, teaching, home, and kite flying. News articles of family members 1970 - 2005.

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my kiteflying; TV news and slideshows 2008 - 2012

my parents: Harry Janssen and Lou Verheul.
my grandparents: Frits Janssen and Johanna Kuiters, Theo Verheul and Johanna Gerstin.
Frits Janssen and Johanna KuitersHarry Janssen and Lou VerheulTheodorus Verheul and Johanna Gerstin
Janssen Verheul iFamily, web pages, WW2 history, photo albums and genealogy.

Jans arms
Jans arms
Famous Janssen aristocrat, artists, astronomer, economist, inventor, politcians, saints, and scientist.

Verheul arms
Verheul arms
Verheul celebrities: Ad - Snoezelen therapist, Dirk - Verheul bus company, Gordon - cinematographer, Jerry - auto racer, Johannes - architect.

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