Famous Verheuls

Ad Verheul; founder of Snoezelen Therapy.
Ad Verheul sm
"Primary Activation" consists of multi sensory stimulation for the severely mentally handicapped in specifically designed rooms.

Dirk Verheul from Waddinxveen Nederland in 1900 changed production from carriage works to buses.
Verheul logo
Verheul bus company was a respected Netherlands coach builder from 1930's to 1968.

Gordon Verheul; award winning cinematographer.
Gordon Verheul sm
Director of Photography. BFA Film Major, 1986, Simon Fraser University.

Jerry Verheul; International Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2002 inductee.
Jerry Verheul
His contributions to design and driver safety have saved many drivers' lives.

Johannes, Dirk Verheul; architect and designer of 1850's to 1930's Dutch buildings.
Johannes Verheul sm
Jan, his father Dirk and brother Cornelis were commissioned to design and construct Rotterdam's iconic Renaissance and Nieuwe Kunst buildings.
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