Johannes, Dirk Verheul; Dutch architect
ancestors: Cornelis Verheul married Alida Edelman in 1770.
Dirk Verheul (1828-1902) married M.J.C. van Eymeren. Dirk was a carpenter/architect in Rotterdam.
Hendrika Verheul
Cornelia Verheul (1858-)
Jan Verheul (Feb 14, 1860 - Oct 19, 1948) m1. 1888 Jacomina, Anna Pieters (-1896) m2. 1896 Maria Hoos
Cornelis Verheul (1862-)
Dirk Verheul (1864-)
Johannes Verheul

1883 Rotterdam Theatre, destroyed in the 1940's blitz.
original Schouwburg
J. Verheul Dzn, architekt history; in Dutch

Schouwburg, built in a Dutch Neo-Renaissance style.
Verheul buildings at by Jan Sluiter

The concert hall and auditorium; De Kunstmin (1888-90) in Dordrecht.
Kunstmin Trappen house foyerKunstimin hall door
rebuilt (1939-40), restored in 1993.

The water-towers at Schiedam (1885; destroyed 1925) a more historical style.
water toren Scheidam
Bernardus Michiel Verheul and Maria Susanna Kamermans; pdf of his Verheul research.

In 1892 Cornelis leads the family business as practical architect and carpenter.

Jan's Jugendstil / Nieuwe Kunst style; large glass surfaces in parabolic frames and white glazed brick is De Utrecht (1900-1902; destroyed 1974).
de Utrecht
Jan Verheul 's paintings and photographs

Witte Huis (1899–1901) at Raadhuisstraat 6, Amsterdam. Designed with his brother Cornelis Verheul for the Rotterdam Insurance Company.
het witte huis

Spoorlaan 1910, upper residence and lower office of Life Savings From Utrecht.
Verheul Dzn. entry in the Book of Dutch celebrities

1911 ijsclubgebouw (ice club building), Rotterdam.
100 years of architecture in Rotterdam slide show.

Johannes Verheul 1860 - 1948
Johannes Verheul
Verheul celebrities: Ad - Snoezelen therapist, Dirk - Verheul bus company, Gordon - cinematographer, Jerry - auto racer.