Ad Verheul; founder of Snoezelen Therapy
In 1974 Ad and Jan Hulsegge started Snoezelen therapy at the Hartenberg Centre. This "Primary Activation" for the severely mentally handicapped consists of multi sensory stimulation. Specially designed rooms aid the instructor/therapist to promote well-being, relieve stress and foster positive interactions.

You Tube of autistic and dementia patients that exhibit emotions of joy and interest which help maintain inter-personal contact.

Dr. Krista Mertens from Humboldt University of Berlin is working with Verheul to scientifically quantify this therapy. Ad is the managing staff member of the Hartenberg Centre; a Dutch mental health care facility. ©2006 Snoezelen and Ad Verheul image used with his permission.
Ad Verheul portrait
Verheul celebrities: Dirk - Verheul bus company, Gordon - cinematographer, Jerry - auto racer, Johannes - architect.