Famous Janssen aristocrat, artists, astronomer, economist, inventor, politcians, saints, and scientist.

Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen 17thcentury painting of the Virgin and Child. This 2014 Canada Post stamp celebrates the 350 th anniversary of the Basilica Cathedral Notre-Dame de Québec in Quebec City.
2014 postage stamp
summary of accomplishments, and family. 1567 - 1633 Antwerp, Nederland.

Albert, Edouard Janssen (1883-1966), Belgian economist, banker, and Minister of Finance. 1966 België - Belgique stamp.
Albert Janssen stamp
His noble actions promoted the general well being of nations, corporations, and individuals.

Arnold Janssen (1837-1909) - saint, evangelist and founder of the Society of the Divine Word.
Arnold Janssen statue
Miracle of Pamela Avellanosa attributed to Saint Arnold.

Buro Jansen and Janssen; Dutch Internet activist group.
Buro Jansen & Jansssen
exposing abuses of privacy and freedom of speech.

Cornelius Janssen 1593 - 1664
Cornelius Janssen
The most important native English, Baroque portraitist of the early 17th century.

Gereart Janssen died 1611, London
Gerard Janssen
aka Garet Johnson; family of English monument carvers and stone mason.

Gerardus, Lambertus Janssen 1859 - 1932
Gerardus Janssen
Dutch socialist author, activist, labour representative.

Jan Janssen world champion cyclist. 1969 Ajman Famous Athletes, Cycling series stamp.
Jan Janssen 1969 stamp
BikeRaceInfo.com news; Cycling’s Gentleman Warrior.

2010 Nederland Wielrenners; 1 of 9 postzegels.
Jan Janssen Dutch stamp
1968 winner of Tour de France. YouTube of finish.

Johannes Janssen 1829 - 1891
Johannes Janssen
religious historian; wrote "History of the German People"

Mary Janssen (1715 - 1750) and Charles Calvert 5thLord of Baltimore (1699 - 1751); family ties to George and Martha Washington.
Mary Janssen
Mary's ancestors fled Holland in 1572 when Nicasius Janssen, Baron de Heeze was hanged by Dutch pirates. Her father Theodore Janssen was a wealthy British corporate director and politician convicted of stock manipulation and insider trading.

Nicasius Janssen - saint, (1522 -1572) one of the Martyrs of Gorkum.
Nicasius Janssen
The account of his hanging by Dutch pirates fighting for independance from Spain.

Paul Janssen (1926 - 2003) founder of Janssen Pharmaceutical. Discoverer of essential human medicines for treatment of infestations, mental illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, anesthesia, and disorders. He was knighted by the king of Belgium in 1990.
Paul Janssen
stamp resource: Universal Postal Union.

Pierre Janssen Pierre, Jules, Cesar Janssen - French solar astronomer, discoverer of Helium.

Sacharias Janssen Sacharias Janssen - inventor of the compound microscope.

Theodor Janssen Theodor, Karl, Peter Janssen - generational family of German artists.

Victor JanssenVictor, Emil Janssen - artist (1803 - 1845).
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