Harry Janssen; chef KLM Djakarta, Indonesia 1947 and Schiphol, Amsterdam 1960.
Employees could only transfer to Indonesia if they were not married. Shortly after Harry & Lou Verheul were married, Harry left to go to Indonesia. The first night of the marriage, Lou went back home to stay with her parents until she could sail to Indonesia. Shortly after Harry arrived at Djakarta he said to management "Oh by the way I am married now." They lived in Indonesia; Theo was born there. All Dutch nationals were ordered to leave the country because of political unrest resulting from independence.
Harry in KLM kitchen
Harry's WW2 forced labour in Germany.

Harry KLM kitchen
Harry's newspaper articles as chef in Ontario: 1970 Mario's of Windsor and 1977 Essex Golf Club.

B&W photo
1951 waiting area, kitchens were behind the left side. Occasionally Harry was able to 'take his kids to work' in the kitchen.

Ted Verheul Indonesia
Lou's brother, sergeant Theo Verheul was in the Dutch military serving in Soerabaja.

Harry Janssen and Lou Verheul 1947 to 1964
Lou and Harry
Aart van der Leeuw Straat, Slotermeer, Amsterdam to Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

Camping in the Kermeduinen, Holland 1957- 59.
Harry Kermeduinen
1961 Rondeau Provincial Park was the Janssen and Verheul vacation. 2004-15; reunions at Longpoint. Harry and Christina traveled the North American continent in their VW camper.

voyage and history of ship
The Janssen Verheul family emigrated from Holland to Canada in July 1960 on the SS Waterman.

KLM logo
KLM history in Indonesia 1924 - 1950; independance from Dutch colonial rule formed Garauda Indonesia airline.

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