Kermeduinen, Holland 1957 - 59
We swam in an inland lake, our hair smelled like the lake.
Holland camping
Mom & Dad bought a hand operated hair clipper at the camp store.
We used knotted handkerchiefs to heal our sunburned heads.

mom sunbathing
Wim was in the basket.
pop sunbathing
custom camping gear was made at KLM.
camp dishwashing
wash basin designed and made to let us camp, not 'cramp'.

Rondeau 1967
Rondeau Provincial Park 1967.
Joyce, Se Swanette
Janssen, Verheul and van Roomen families.
Rita Diane Rondeau
1968 Rondeau; Rita in back, Lou, Diana Hupchuk.

Goderich reunion
Verheul - Fontaine, Pete van Roomen, Janssen
Longpoint 2014
Janssen Verheul reunions at Longpoint Provincial Park 2004 - 2016.

vw camper stamp
Harry and Christina traveled the North American continent in their Volkswagen Westphalia.