Harry Janssen and Lou Verheul, Amsterdam 1947 to 1964.

Harry Lou engagement
engaged in 1947

Aart vd Leeuw straat
1953 to 1960
SlotermeerSteef and Rudy
Theo, Frits, Hans, Steef, Rudy

family photo Ad Zonneveld
Rudy, Theo, Frits, Hans, Hélène, Sé, (front) Marja, José

back yard in Holland
Frits, Paul, Marie José, Hélène, Yvonne, Hans, Theo, and the neighbour.

leaving for Canada
1960 our last visit with Harry's parents. We sailed to Canada in July.

1962 Chatham
1962 Chatham, Ontario.

1964 Chatham