Naber arms
Naber genealogy
Naber c1762 USA immigration from Terschelling: Lienesch, Rotgans, Smidt, deBoer,
Wepel, Lieuwens, Groot, Trof, Bussing, Van Langen, Ahrends, and Rees families.

Caspar Heinrich NABER b. c1762 married Anna Catharina LIENESCH. They had the following child:

Johann Gerhard Wilhelm NABER born on 6 Dec 1787 in Ankum, Westfalen, Duitsland.
He died on 17 Sep 1837 in Terschelling.
He married Sieke Pieters ROTGANS on 15 Sep 1816 in Terschelling.
Johann was employed as laborer. Residence 1809 Terschelling. As of 1816 his parents have died.
Sieke Pieters ROTGANS was born on 25 Feb. 1793 in Terschelling.
She died on 19 Sep 1857 in Hee, Terschelling. Father: Pieter Gerrits Rotgans,
mother: Ietske Cornelis Cupido. They had the following children:

Anna Trijntje NABER b. 25 Dec 1816 in Hee, Terschelling, d. 17 Nov 1879 in Hee, Terschelling.
     She married David Klaaszen SMIDT on 9 May 1844 in Terschelling.
     father: Klaas Davids Smit, mother: Antje Wybrands de Jong
     They had the following children:
     Klaas SMIT b. 21 Apr 1845 in Terschelling, d. 12 Oct 1846 in Terschelling.
     Pieter SMIT b. 7 Jun 1846 in Terschelling, d. 7 Nov 1846 in Terschelling.
     Anna SMIT b. 9 Feb 1848 in Terschelling.
     Sieke SMIT b. 20 Nov 1850 in Terschelling, d. 20 Sep 1878 in Terschelling.
     Klaas SMIT
     David SMIT
Pieter Willemsz NABER b. Terschelling 31.01.1819, d. 05.12.1845 fell overboard.
     m. 03.08.1843 Baukje Eeltjes deBOER in Harlingen.
Hendrik Willemsz NABER b. 18 Nov 1821 in Terschelling, d. 13 Dec 1866 in Het Bildt, Friesland.
     m. 1, 27 Mar 1845 in Terschelling Japke Dirks LIEUWENS
     b. 26 Nov 1817 in Terschelling, d. 9 Nov 1854 in Kinnum.
     father: Dirk Gerrits Lieuwen,
     mother: Neeke (Neeltje) Jacobs Schaap, d. Terschelling 09.11.1854
     They had the following children:
          Willem NABER b.13 Apr 1845 in Midsland, Terschelling, d. 16 Apr 1845 in Midsland, Terschelling.
          Willem NABER b. 29 Aug 1846 in Kaart, Terschelling, d. 20 May 1847 in Kaart, Terschelling.
          Neeke NABER
          Willem NABER b. 12 Oct 1854 in Kinnum, Terschelling, d. 27 Dec 1854 in Kinnum, Terschelling.
          Willem NABER b. 20 Jan 1862 in Terschelling, d. 14 Jul 1896 in Hamilton County, Iowa, USA.
          m. 22 Sep 1887 in Hamilton County, Iowa, USA. Wubkje WEPEL b. 4 Dec 1868 in
          Hamilton County, USA. d. 10 May 1905 in USA.
          They had the following children:
               Grace NABER b. 27 Oct 1888 in Hamilton County, Iowa, USA, d. 18 Sep 1937 in USA.
               Hilkie NABER was born on 6 Dec 1890 in Hamilton County, Iowa, USA.
               Gerit William NABER b. 17 Feb 1893 in Hamilton County, Iowa, USA, d. 2 Apr 1990 in USA.
               Leona NABER b. 23 Jan 1895 in Hamilton County, Iowa, USA, d. 9 Oct 1989 in USA.
                   m. 2 Terschelling 29.09.1856 Antje Pieters GROOT b. 1821
               Gerrit Willemsz NABER b. 27 Feb 1824 in Terschelling, d. 27 May 1824 in Terschelling.
               Cornelis NABER b. 25 May 1825 in Terschelling, d. 15 Jan 1891 in Terschelling.
               Gerrit NABER b. 13 Dec 1828 in Terschelling.
                    m. 6 Aug 1857 Grietje TROF in Terschelling.
                   With 4 unmarried children, they emigrated in 1865 on the ship “de HAL”
                   from Rotterdam to USA. They had the following child.
                        Pieter NABER b. 27 Jan 1860 in Terschelling,
                        d. 17 May 1947 in Estelline, South Dakota, USA.
                        m. 30 Nov 1885 in USA, Jennie C. BUSSING b. in Illinois, USA. d. 6 Jun 1954 in USA.
                        They had the following children:
                        Anna Nellie NABER b. 31 May 1887 in USA.
                             m. George J. deWALL on 2 Jun 1917 in USA.
                        Edna Erna NABER b. 25 Apr 1891 in USA. d. 1977 in USA.
                        Gerit George NABER b. 23 Mar 1875 in Illinois, USA. d. 27 Feb 1952 in USA.
                             m. Kate vanLANGEN in 1897 in USA.
                        Hemme Gerit NABER b. c1868 in Illinois, USA.
                             m.1 Dietje AHRENDS, b. 4 Jul 1870. d. 2 9 1945 in USA.
                             They had the following children:
                                  Arend Hemmes NABER b. 15 Jun 1894 in Kamrar, Iowa, USA. d. 1975 in USA.
                                  Grace NABER b. 30 Apr 1896 in Kamrar, Iowa, USA. d. 1983 in USA.
                                  George NABER b. 15 Nov 1897 in Kamrar, Iowa, USA. d. 11 Jan 1964 in USA.
                                  Florence Hemmes NABER b. 13 Sep 1900 in Kamrar, Iowa, USA.
                                       d. 25 Aug 1992 in Allison, Butler County, Iowa, USA.
                                  Martje Gerrits NABER b. 2 Apr 1835 in Terschelling, d. 5 Jul 1889 in Hee, Terschelling.
                                        m. 21 Jul 1864 in Terschelling Jan vanREES b. 7 Sep 1830 in Terschelling,
                                        d. Mar 16 1907 in Terschelling, father: Dirk van Rees,
                                        mother: Antje vanDuivenboode.
                                        In 1864 Martje inherited her parents’ house in Hee no 7, in Pidde.
                                        They lived there until they died.
                                        Her daughter Trijntje m. Steven Groendijk.
                                        She was in financial control, they were the last owners.
                                        After their death in 1934 their son Jan sold the house for a good price to a lawyer.
                                        They had the following children:
                                        Anna VAN REES, Jan VAN REESE, Sieke VAN REES, Floris VAN REES,
                                        Trijntje VAN REES, Martje VAN REES.

Originally posted as: Naber, Lienesch, Rotgans c1660 database "Eilanders".
Dutch US Naber 1787 – 1992.
Original data Eilanders-Terschelling by Jan Van Wassenhove.
Translated and edited by Theo Janssen Mar. 2010.