Sir Theodore Janssen to Mary Janssen - Calvert

Genealogical group sheets of Mary Janssen.

1. Baron de Heeze, was executed by the Spanish Duke of Alva. He was included in the Martyrs of Gorkum, Netherlands.
The following Janssens were executed:
Nicasius Janssen, de Heeze (c1522 - July 9, 1572); a Franciscan.
Nicolaas Janssen (c1532 in Weelde - July 9, 1572), surnamed Poppel, of Weelde in Belgium; a religious assistant in Gorkum.
Adrianus Janssen of Hilvarenbeek (c1528 - July 9, 1572), at one time a Premonstratensian and parish priest in Monster.

2. Theodore Janssen de Heeze, the youngest son of the Baron, took refuge in France. From there, the family moved to England.
3. Abraham Janssen in 1657 married Henriette Manigault in Angouleme, Charente, France. Henriette's parents were Isaac Manigault ( -1649), Sieur de Limouillet, and Suzanne Bardet. Her grandparents were Francois Manigault ( -1608), Sieur de Limouillet and Jeanne Chollet. Francois Manigault was a Member of Parliament under King Henry IV (Henry of Navarre) in 1602. (thanks to Edward Manigault)
4. Sir Theodore Janssen (1658 - 1748), knighted by William III and created a first baronet by Queen Anne (Janssen of Wimbledon, Surrey). He married Williamsa Henley in 1697. From 1711 to 1721 he was a director of the South-Sea Company. The directors of the company were charged with breach of public trust, manipulating the value of stocks and insider trading. Theodore was ordered out of the House of Commons. His assets were seized. He was left with 50,000 pounds out of his 243,000 pounds; to start a new life.
5.1 Abraham Janssen (1699 - 1765) MP for Dorchester, Great Britain (1720 -1722).
5.2 Henry Janssen (1700 - 1766)
5.3 Stephen, Theodore Janssen (c1701 - 1777) was one of the most philanthropic Lord Mayors of
      London (1747 -1754). He was known for prison regulation and reform of treatment.
      Stephen dealt with the executions of a homosexual prostitute and a rioter.
      In 1750, he married Catherine Soulegre, daughter of Col. Soulegre.
      5.3.1 Henrietta Janssen (1752 - 1849) married Lorenzo Moore (1744 - 1798).
5.8 Mary Janssen (1715 - 1770) married in 1730, Charles Calvert (1699 - 1751).
     5th Lord Baltimore, colonial Governor of Maryland.
     Charles Calvert had an illegitimate son, Benedict, Swingate Calvert with Melusina von der Schulenberg.       
     Melusina was the daughter of King George I of England and his mistress, Ermengarde de Schulenberg.
      Benedict, Swingate Calvert (1730 - 1788) in 1748 married Elizabeth Calvert (1729 - 1798).
      Of their 13 children; Eleanor Calvert (1757 - 1811) in 1774 married John Park Custis (1754 - 1781)
      son of Daniel Park Custis (1712 - 1757) and Martha Dandridge (1731 - 1802). Martha in 1759 married
      George Washington; president of USA.
      John and Eleanor's son; George Washington Parke Custis (1781 - 1857) married in 1804 Mary Lee
(1788 -1853). Their daughter, Mary Anna Custis (1808 - 1873) married Robert E. Lee.
General Robert, Edward Lee
5.8.2 Frederick Calvert (1731 - 1771) 6th Lord of Baltimore married in 1753 Diane Egerton.
         m.2 Hester Whalen. Their daughter Frances Mary Harford (1759 - 1822) m. William Frederick

5.8.5 Caroline Calvert (c1745 - ) married in 1763 Robert Eden (1741 - 1784); last royal governor of Maryland.