Cornelis Teunisz (1640 - 1674)
Neeltje Ariaensd Sijtje Cornelisd Ariaen Cornelisz Marij Cornelisd Aerien Adriaen Molenaer Cornelis Teunisz
Cornelis Teunisz
b. 1640 at Het Bilt
m. 27 Sep 1664 Neeltje Ariaensd (1647 - ) at Middenbeemster
d. 21 Jan 1674 at Middenbeemster aged 34
Children (5):
Sijtje Cornelisd (1665 - 1665)
Ariaen Cornelisz (1666 - 1667)
Marij Cornelisd (1668 - 1668)
Aerien Adriaen Molenaer (1671 - 1740)
Cornelis Teunisz (1674 - )
Events in Cornelis Teunisz (1640 - 1674)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1640 Cornelis Teunisz was born Het Bilt
27 Sep 1664 24 Married Neeltje Ariaensd (aged 17) Middenbeemster
15 Jul 1665 25 Birth of son Sijtje Cornelisd Middenbeemster
17 Jul 1665 25 Death of son Sijtje Cornelisd Middenbeemster
25 Jul 1666 26 Birth of daughter Ariaen Cornelisz Middenbeemster
21 Aug 1667 27 Death of daughter Ariaen Cornelisz (aged 1) Middenbeemster
14 Sep 1668 28 Birth of daughter Marij Cornelisd
14 Sep 1668 28 Death of daughter Marij Cornelisd Middenbeemster
31 May 1671 31 Birth of son Aerien Adriaen Molenaer Middenbeemster
21 Jan 1674 34 Cornelis Teunisz died Middenbeemster
Personal Notes:
Cornelis Teunisz bought a windmill on the VOLGERWEG in the Beemster a former inland lake which was diked and emptied hence requiring a series of windmills to keep pumping water out of the newly created farmlands thereby keeping it dry and workable. The trade name of Molenaer ( which was the spelling of the name in those days, was chosen by Ariaen/Adriaen as the family name. The “ Beemster “ is in the province of North Holland some 15 km from Amsterdam.

Prior to 1640 research has shown that Cornelis Teunisz originated from the province of Friesland. All records in those days were stored in churches and the 2 most likely churches were both destroyed by fire and all information was lost. Also in that period people did not have surnames as we know them today but rather they used the father’s Christian name and the letter “z” denoting the Dutch word zoon, meaning son or son of; or the letter “d” denoting the Dutch word dochter meaning daughter.

Translated from the Dutch by Abram Moolenaar, Newborough, Victoria, Australia from data supplied by Piet Moolenaar of Holland as from 1993 with some added updates which came to my knowledge.