KLM history in Indonesia 1924 - 1950.
The link with far-off Indonesia took off in1924. This Fokker F-VII, the H-NACC, pioneered the route to the East that year. The epic flight of 15,373 kilometers lasted 55 days as engine trouble on the way held them up. The success of the 1928 trial flights encouraged KLM to commence regular scheduled services. The first flight left on September 12th, 1929. The journey took 12 days.

Harry Janssen KLM chef Djakarta 1948

In 1948, The Indonesian people were still locked in a bitter struggle for independence from the colonial Dutch. By 1950 KLM ordered all its employees to leave Indonesia and Garuda took over operations. In Balinese mythology, the half-bird half-man creature known as “Garuda”, carried on its back the Hindu God Vishnu, Preserver of Life.

History of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) 1590 - 1945 from colonial rule to an independent Indonesia.