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Ninedayssince was created in Feb. 2003. A Cross over occurred in Feb. 2004. It became a full band in August 2004. Members: Mike Hargreaves, Andrew Pare, Eric Hargreaves, Stefan Cvetkovic.
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"NDS attempts to spark a hope for love and romance through true, personal experiences. Composed to pluck your heart strings through every movement. Enjoy the catchy, unique, simplicity of Ninedayssince."
Canada flag Windsor Star 2005 "Bands lend talent to target fund raiser".
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The band's final concert was October 10, 2005 at the Legion Hall in Tecumseh, Ontario.

B2Krazy members: Eric Hargreaves, Jeremy Coulter, Damian Piper, and Mike Hargreaves. "We are a krazy band from Windsor who love keepen' it real on the straight up Pop scene. We love to listen to B44 and all that stuff cause it really influences our music. I hope you like the shit we are throwing down on this so keep it real keep it clean and most of all keep it Krazy.-Peace. B2Krazy"
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Squirtbop: members: Ryan Ard (Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals), Zachary Arthur (Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Beat Boxing), and Eric Hargreaves (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Rapping). Style: Experimental / Rock / Comedy.
"These guys are destined to be the great anomaly of Windsor's scene: are they geniuses or are they idiots? At some points they sound like Monty Python jamming with Beck and then it becomes stoner outtakes from Sesame Street. But they are indeed prolific and their songs flow quickly, so even the duds are quickly forgotten in anticipation of the next gem." -Jamie Greer, The Windsor Scene.
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Eric, Mike and Stefan first performed as Lakeshore on December 16, 2005 at the Chuby Pickle.
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